Thursday, June 7, 2018
About Me …

Bonjour! Bienvenue à HoustonFrenchTeacher.com! My name is Vanessa and I am a French Native speaker. I have lived in Paris all my life and while doing my undergrad in Houston, I met my husband. After that, I have been living in Houston since then! Before becoming a teacher, I was a graphic designer and IT consultant. I, finally, went back to my initial calling for a more fulfilling career to become a teacher. This is my sixth year teaching and I absolutely love it! As I have a background in IT and design, I love creating my materials to be as interactive and fun as possible for the kids! I have also taught Middle School Math!

I believe that if I teach something that I am bored myself, I cannot imagine how it would feel for the kids. I love variety in my teaching and I am all for the model of "10-90", the teacher does the instruction for 10% of the class and the rest is all students doing the work for the 90%. Using this model, my students have progressed very fast. Even my 6th graders, who are learning French for the first time, can read, write, speak and listen proficiently at the end of the year. I use the IPA (Integrative Performance Assessment) exams to assess them in all 4 proficiencies.

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